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10 Minute Compost Bin

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I’ve honestly never given much thought to composting until just recently. We were pretty disappointed with our garden last year, so I decided to give composting a try. I am very much a newbie to the composting world, but I’ve read how amazing it can be for your garden.

I figure giving composting a try certainly can’t hurt but unfortunately a Compost Tumbler wasn’t in my budget so I researched my options for a DIY compost bin that would make sense for our backyard homestead. We don’t have the space for a compost pile, and I wanted to keep my cost low, so I picked up a 32 Gallon Trash Can at a local big box store for $10.

DIY Compost bin in 10 minutes and $10

Once I got it home I decided I couldn’t just go crazy on the trash can with the power drill, so I used a tape measure to roughly map out where I wanted my holes to be. I marked where I wanted my holes to be vertically every 4 inches, then I spaced them out 5 inches apart. I didn’t make this too complicated. It honestly doesn’t need to be pretty I just wanted some sort alignment. So don’t over complicate it!

DIY compost bin for $10 and 10 minutes

Once you know where you want your holes drilled, make sure your power drill battery is charged up and go for it. I found laying the trash can on it’s side and straddling it with my legs to hold it in place while I was drilling was the easiest way to keep the trash can from moving.

10 minute and $10 DIY Compost Bin

Make sure you drill holes in the bottom of the trash can and also the lid.

Compost bin 10 minutes and $10

composting bin $10 and 10 minutes

Once all your holes are drilled your ready to start using your compost bin. I placed mine on two cinder blocks that we already had in the back yard to promote air flow around the bin. I haven’t decided yet if I will be turning my compost with a shovel or rolling my bin around the yard. I’ll have to try both and post an update later this summer.  I will also be placing a disposable tin pan underneath the bin to catch some of the compost tea and use that to water my garden as well.

Composting bin 10 minutes and $10

That’s it, your ready to start using your 10 minute compost bin! Don’t forget to check out my post about making your own DIY Kitchen Compost Bin for $3.

Happy Composting