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Frigidaire Gallery Range with Air Fry Review

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Frigidaire Range With Air Fry Review.


By now, you have probably heard about the newest player in the kitchen appliance game. The Frigidaire 30 in. 5.6 cu. ft. Range with Air Fry in Smudge-Proof Stainless Steel. I am extremely excited to review the Frigidaire Range with Air Fry for you.

It has been on the market since 2019 and is the first to feature the air fry capability in a full-size oven, and is now widely available at big box home improvement stores. Before we get too far into my personal review of this range I want to discuss the burning question. (haha) Isn’t an air fryer and a convection oven the same thing?

What’s the Difference Between an Air Fryer and a Convection Oven?

Let me explain. A convection oven cooks with a fan that continually circulates hot air around the oven to produce a more even and consistent cooking temperature. A true convection oven will have three heating elements one on top and bottom and one around the fan. I have personally had an electric convection oven for the past ten years and I really enjoyed the convection cooking. Convection cooking results in faster and more evenly cooked food.

What is an Air Fry Range?

Well, essentially it is the same convection and fan technology that has been “souped” up. When air frying in the Frigidaire Gallery range you are cooking with a specialized convection setting designed with superheated air and a higher speed fan. Giving us that crispy and “deep-fried” texture we love.


Are Ovens With Air Fry Worth It?

If you’re considering upgrading from a countertop air fry oven to a full-size range you might be asking if it’s really worth the investment. Technically you don’t “need” to upgrade, but if you are in the market like I was for a new range I really feel like you are getting the most bang for your buck with an air fry oven. But here is my Pro/Con list.


  • You don’t have another kitchen appliance to sore or have on the countertop (this was huge for me)
  • The oven bakes evenly and 25% faster than a conventional oven with true convection and air fry functions
  • 5 Burners, oval burner for griddle/grill (gas version)
  • Multi rack cooking at the same time, no turning or rotating food
  • Smudge-proof stainless steel or black stainless (both are gorgeous)
  • Pre heats extremely fast
  • Comes in gas, electric and induction
  • Air fry four times as much food in one batch (compared to a counter top air fryer)
  • Cast iron griddle/grill is included (gas version)
  • Fast steam cleaning option
  • Quick boil burner
  • Edge to edge grates makes moving pans easy
  • Standard 30″ size
  • Burners and grates are easily removed for cleaning


  • Investing in a large appliance they range from $1,149-$1,899 (not on sale)
  • The drawer on the bottom is much smaller than my last oven
  • Front controls on the gas version can be reached by small children
  • The Ready Cook air fry tray has to be purchased separately for $50
  • Needs to be cleaned more frequently, due to the fan circulating.

As you can see my pro list definitely out weighs my con list an I absolutely love this range, but if your still on the fence or have a have a few more questions, keep reading.

How Much is a Frigidaire Range with Air Fry?

Pricing & Model Options

I have this exact model  FRIGIDAIRE GALLERY Model # FGGH3047VF from The Homedepot. I purchased mine during the Labor day sale when most appliances were around 40% off, they also offered free delivery.

A few other models available are:

What accessories will I need?

What is an Air Fryer Good for?

It’s important to note that not everything is meant to be cooked in an air fryer whether it be a full-sized or countertop version, but if you’re looking to cut unhealthy fats and oils and fried food from your diet than air frying food that is a great option.

What Foods Can I Air Fry?

  • Frozen food that you want to have crispy. Like frozen French fries onion rings etc.
  • “fried” food from scratch like chicken, egg rolls, wontons, French fries etc.
  • Veggies like Zucchini fries, cauliflower, Brussel sprouts, and roasted baby potatoes
  • Bacon!!


    When Should I use the True Convection Bake Setting?

    Convection cooking is faster than conventional and you can use multiple racks in the oven at once without having to rotate the food. This is because the heat isn’t coming from the heating elements on the top and bottom but being circulated evenly allowing you to bake 3 pans of cookies all at the same time.

    Foods that are great to convection bake:

    • Poultry and sausage
    • Roasted meats
    • Pizza
    • Bread that needs a bit of a crust like banana bread

    Conventional oven baking is the most widely used when recipes are written so remembering to reduce the recipe cook time and possibly temperature when using the convection bake setting. It does take some getting used to but so worth it.


    When should I use the good old fashioned Bake function on my range?

    • Delicate foods like soufflé or cheesecake are great candidates for conventional baking
    • Batter recipes that don’t require a crust like a cake

    My Frigidaire Air Fry Range Review

    In my opinion that was not paid for or sponsored in any way I absolutely think this Frigidaire Range with Air Fry is worth the money. Especially if you can catch it on sale. I still have not had a chance to use all the features on this range and I have yet to be disappointed. I love cooking, but now I am really really enjoying cooking with this new range. It was a dramatic upgrade from my electric coil stove that was about 10 years old. My pots and pans would slide off the un even burners and canning on it in the fall was a joke. I actually preferred my camp stove in the back yard over my old stove/range.

    A side note if you are looking to upgrade from an electric range to a gas range you will most likely need to have a licensed and bonded plumber come install a gas line. We were fortunate that our furnace and fireplace insert are natural gas and the plumber was able to tap into my existing gas line and run it to the kitchen for about $300. For me this was a no brainer because I needed a gas stove for the amount of canning I do and if I was upgrading then I was going all in. The gas version of this range can be converted to propane as well. Just make sure you have the conversion kit for that. lastly, in order for your new gas range to work you will also need an electrician to convert the 220 receptacle to a 110 or you can purchase this adaptor for about $30 on amazon.