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DIY Kitchen Compost Bin for under $3

At our first home we spent years getting our garden just right, and then we moved! Our new garden space is defiantly lacking some good nutrients and so I’ve decided to try my hand at composting. Having a kitchen compost bin handy will make it easy to keep daily produce scraps, coffee grounds and egg shells all in one place until I can take them out to my outside Compost Bin.

DIY kitchen compost bin, bucket, pail, charcoal filter

All you need for this simple kitchen compost bin:

Turning repurposed large plastic container into your kitchen compost bin keeps this project under $3 and only takes a few minutes.

  1. First wash out your container and let it dry.
  2. Using your cordless drill and 1/4″ drill bit drill 10-12  holes in the lid of your container.

DIY kitchen compost bin, bucket, pail, charcoal filter 3. 3. Using your hot glue gun, glue your charcoal filter to the inside of the lid.

DIY kitchen compost bin, bucket, pail, charcoal filter

That’s it! I store this under my sink and usually replace the filter every 2-3 months so it stays effective. About once a week I empty this out into my larger DIY compost bin. If your not into the DIY compost bin, but want to give composting a try you can a buy a kitchen  Compost Bin on Amazon for around $20. Either way you’ll be on your way to a more productive garden this year!