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DIY Garden Trellis

Who dosen’t love fresh juicy strawberries right out of the garden? I know in summer my kids can devour the all the fresh berries in our back yard and skip right over dinner.

Last spring we threw 4-5 strawberry plants in an unused flower bed and let them grow. The small starts complety filled in a 9 foot by 4 foot flower bed in one growing season. They have grown so much the runners are trying to find their way out into our gravel. That is where my DIY strayberry garden trellis comes in. I’m hoping I can train them to climb vertically and if they do that would almost double the growing space.

(Update: My trellis looks awesome but the runners that come out of the strawberry patch want something to root into and because of that they are not growing up my garden trellis this summer.)

The idea for my trellis came from the step by step tutorial can be found here  DIY Chevron Lattice Trellis Tutorial.

I customized the deminsions of my trellis to fit the flower bed I was building this for. To do that I measured out my space and sketched out the trellis to get the deminsions and supplies I would need. Then I packed up the kids and took a trip to the local home improvement store.

DIY Trellis Supplies

The lumber needed for this project was under $20, and if your an avid DIYer like me you probably already have the rest of what you’ll need. I happen to have leftover stain and polyurethane from a previous project so that kept the cost down for this project.

Suggested Tools

Once I assembled the trellis and the polyurethane was dry, I dug a 6-inch-deep holes to place and stabilize this on the edge of my patio. If you think your trellis will be holding a lot of weight I recommend using some cement to secure the legs of the trellis. This trellis can easily be made to fit any space and is very simple and inexpensive to make.

-Happy building