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I LOVE these pallet shelves and the best part about them is they only cost me just over $2.00 each! These shelves are just a sneak peak of my $100 DIY powder room makeover. Since I was trying to keep things on the cheep I decided I had to make some of my décor. I started with a pallet I already had laying around, I had thought about making into a wine rack but never got around to that project…SO I used a crow bar and hammer to take it apart. I only needed two boards and two of the back brace pieces.

Take the Pallet Apart

Once I took the pallet apart and pulled out the nails I enlisted some help to sand them down smooth using my Mouse Sander

Once the boards were sanded down smooth I wanted to stain them but I wanted to keep the rustic look of the pallet wood. Instead of using a regular stain I decided to use a homemade stain I had sitting on the garage shelf. I’d made this stain a few years back and never got around to using it. I wasn’t quite sure which of the two homemade stains I’d like so I used some of each one on a few pallet boards and let them dry. After about 3 coats I decided on the darker of the two.

Once I settled on the color of the pallet shelves, I cut down the boards to 22 inches sanded the ends and using a cheesecloth I rubbed my homemade stain all over the 4 boards I will be using to make my shelves. I used 3 coats to get the desired color and let dry about 30 minutes between each coat.

Once dry I placed the shelf board face down and measured out where the back bracing board needed to be.

With a second set of hands I flipped the shelf over and my hubby nailed the top shelf piece into the back brace piece. I only needed two finish nails (0ne on each side) to hold the shelves together.

Now that the shelves are all put together I need some hardware to be able to hang theses on the wall. Since these are going over the toilet in the power room I wanted them to be flush to the wall. I went to the hardware store and picked up these keyhole hangers for $2.19.

Using a tape measure I placed these on the back of both shelves. I was super careful when placing these so that my husband didn’t give me hard time about my shelves not hanging level!

Using a stud finder (other than my hubby) I marked where I wanted my shelves to be. If I couldn’t screw into a stud I used a heavy duty wall anchor to secure my screws.

That’s it!! These shelves turned out super cute and are the perfect size over the toilet. If you want to see how I shopped my house to decorate these shelves,  and the rest of my DIY $100 Powder Room Makeover stay tuned for a post on how I upgraded the small space on a minimal budget!