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The Best Instant Pot Accessories for Beginners

Congratulations on joining the Instant Pot Club (yes that’s a thing) and now you’re wondering about all the accessories and gadgets the go with it. When I first started using my Instant Pot my only objective was to learn how to cook a full bone-in chicken. Little did I know the full capabilities of my Instant Pot 6 Quart Duo and how it would literally change my life. I went from using my crockpot on a weekly basis to using my Instant Pot daily. I slowly started to use this magic pot I was gifted for more than just hard-boiled eggs and whole bone-in chicken. 

Once I started to understand how the Instant Pot works, how it cooks, and why a recipe that used to cook for 8 hours on low could now be cooked and served in 30 minutes I was obsessed. Once I really got the hang of all the functions and buttons on my Instant Pot, I ventured into trying out some simple accessories to take my Instant Pot cooking to the next level. Having a few key accessories makes the Instant Pot very versatile and an invaluable part of my life.

If you are new to using an Instant Pot you’re probably wondering if you need any accessories and if so, which ones?

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My Top 5 Instant Pot Accessories I bought and use regularly:

If you are just getting started these are my top 5 Instant Pot accessories, but If you are ready to take your Instant Pot cooking game up a notch keep reading for my full list of the 21 best Instant Pot accessories for 2021.

Still confused about how to use your Instant Pot? I want to help you.


This 24-page Ultimate Instant Pot Beginners Guide is the only complete guide for any new or veteran Instant Pot user.

Included in your digital download:
• Getting started guide
• Instant Pot overview with photos
• 16 common Instant Pot terms you need to know
• Tips & Tricks
• 7 Common issues explained
• Instant Pot accessories guide
• 2 Page Cooking time chart
• High Altitude Chart
• 10 Recipes with cooking instructions
• Recipe Blank for your own recipe binder
• Weekly menu planner printable
• Grocery list printable

Do I really need an Instant Pot? 

  • Are you still on the fence about getting an Instant Pot? Maybe wondering why to get another kitchen gadget, you already have a crockpot, rice cooker, yogurt maker, stove top pressure cooker, etc. The Instant Pot can replace all these appliances and do so much more.
  • It’s totally normal to feel overwhelmed and intimidated about using an electric pressure cooker. We’ve all heard the horror stories about stove top pressure cookers exploding and just the overwhelming feeling of not knowing what to do with another kitchen appliance.

Are Instant Pots Safe?

  • I hope you will be reassured and do your own research when it comes to using an Instant Pot electric pressure cooker. The Instant Pot company has engineered and designed the Instant Pot with a minimum of 10 safety mechanisms. Most accidents happen due to improper use and user error and can easily be avoided if used properly and following the manufactures instructions. In other words, nothing is going to blow up in your kitchen.

The Most Common Instant Pots Available

Do I need an instant pot?

  • The first thing I would tell someone that hates to cook or doesn’t consider themselves a good cook is ANYBODY can use an Instant Pot. If you can follow the simple step by step instructions, you can cook an awesome meal your family will rave about. I know a few husbands that might not admit to this but my husband’s response to “how are you going to cook that?” is “The Instant Pot, why would I bother with anything else”.
  • You can cook the meat right from the freezer on those nights you forgot to meal prep. Frozen chicken breast is my go-to frozen meat when I didn’t take anything out for dinner.
  • Cooking under pressure is faster and tastes better. When cooking in an Instant Pot under pressure in a closed system the steam has nowhere to go, therefor raising the boiling point of water and the cooking process is faster. This cooking process also intensifies the spices and sauces your cooking with to make your food more flavorful.
  • No BABYSITTING your food. Yes, the cooking time might take 20 minutes and the pot might take 10-20 minutes to come to pressures but that’s 30-40 minutes you can spend doing something else. My favorite activities include: dishes, helping kids with homework, and laundry. All joking aside, one of the absolute best parts of using an Instant Pot is being able to get other stuff done while dinner is cooking.
  • You can make food in the Instant Pot you might never have thought you could. For me, this was the case with yogurt and cheesecake. Both things come out incredibly good and are so much easier to make than traditional methods.

Top 5 Instant Pot Tips.

  1. Always store the inner pot inside the Instant Pot. This ensures food is not accidentally dumped directly on the element. It can be helpful to have two inner pots for this reason.
  2. If your inner stainless steel pot gets a discolored/rainbow-looking appearance after use, spray it with white vinegar. Let it sit for a few minutes and then give it a good scrub with a sponge.
  3. For tougher stains, many recommend investing in a product called  Bar Keepers Friend if you don’t mind using chemicals. (I personally don’t care if I can see my reflection in my inner pot.)
  4. Cleaning the outside of the Instant Pot can be done by using a wet microfiber cloth. I like Norwex cloths.
  5. Cleaning the rim of the pot can be done easily with the corner of a wet/soapy sponge or the beveled edge of a foam paintbrush.



    21 Accessories to Get the Most Out of Your Instant Pot

    21 Must-Have Instant Pot Accessories that will take your Instant Pot cooking to the next level and why I love each one of them.


    1. A second Instant Pot inner pot/liner-This may seem a little strange but having a second inner pot comes in incredibly handy. This really is almost a nice as having a second Instant Pot. When your meal prepping and you want to get the next thing ready, your pot is soaking in the sink or you want to get tomorrow night’s dinner ready a second inner pot is so valuable.
    Instant Pot accessories

    2. Mealthy Crisp Lid-This gadget mad the top of the list because it turns your Instant Pot into an Air Fryer. Not only does it transform your Instant Pot into an air fryer, but it replaces the need to finish a meal underneath the broiler in the oven to get the desired browning or crispness.

    Mealthy Crisp Lid

    3. A Silicone Lid-A silicone lid that fits the inner pot is perfect for prepping ahead or covering up leftovers

    4. A Tempered Glass Lid– A glass lid that fits your Instant Pot can be used when sauteing or thickening a sauce at the end of a cook cycle and is necessary when making yogurt.

    Instant Pot Lid accessories

    5. Food Grade Cheese Cloth-This comes in when you make Greek yogurt. Once the 10-hour yogurt incubation process is complete you’ll need to strain off the whey using food grade cheesecloth.

    6. Silicone Mitts-Used especially when sautéing food in the Instant Pot to hold on to the inner pot while sautéing so it doesn’t spin and when removing a hot inner pot safely.

    7. Tongs– A good pair of tongs with silicone heads to help when browning meat.

    8. Egg bite molds-Egg bite molds are for more than just eggs. They are perfect for making quick easy egg bite breakfast packed with cheese and veggies but also these molds can be used to make mini muffins, pancake bites, brownies, and mini meatloaf.

    Instant Pot egg bite molds

    9. Steamer Basket with handle– Having a large steamer basket with a silicon covered handle will allow you to cook large quantities and it’s much easier to lift out a full basket of hard-boiled eggs or steamed vegetables.

    10. 7″ Aluminum Pan– An aluminum pan for P-I-P cooking is the most efficient choice because the aluminum is safe to use inside the Instant Pot and it conducts heat better than glass.

    11. 7 ” Springform pan/bunt pan– This is on of my favorite accessories and it’s the only way to make cheesecake, lasagna, bread, or anything that needs the quick release function of the springform pan.

    12.  Wooden Spatula-A staple kitchen accessory in my opinion, but it’s my favorite utensil to use when I’m using the sauté function to deglaze the bottom of the pot. Deglazing is a very important step to insure you don’t get a burn error message.

    13. Sealing rings/gaskets-If you could only buy one Instant Pot accessory on this list, an extra set of sealing rings would be the number one choice. Having a few extra sealing rings on hand allows you to change them out as soon as they are worn out, which could prevent the Instant Pot from sealing. Also keeping one sealing ring for savory meals and another for sweet/baking/yogurt is ideal so you don’t get any flavors transferring.

    14. Instant Pot Beginners Guide-This is my personally designed printable guide to help any new Instant Pot Beginner get comfortable using their pot and start cooking right away. This guide is filled with all my best tips and tricks, recipes and includes a recipe blank for you to keep track of all of your new favorite recipes and cook times.

    Instant pot beginners guide

    15. Avokado Steamer Basket is my favorite of the steamer baskets because it’s so versatile. I like how easy it is to use and to clean compared to a metal mesh basket. This basket can fit a large number of veggies for steaming and the silicone handles make it very easy to remove while hot.

    16. Souper Cubes Ok I know these are not exactly an Instant Pot Accessory, but they are my favorite purchase of 2020 and they really do go hand in hand with using my Instant Pot. These amazing silicone Super Cubes allow me to freeze my Instant Pot leftovers in the perfect portions and reduce food waste tremendously!

    17. Silicone Baking Cups How fun are these silicone baking cups? They come in a variety of colors and shapes and are perfect for making individual servings in the Instant Pot. I use them for egg cups, muffins, and desserts.

    18. Stackable Pans ( Pot-in Pot) Stackable Pas are one of my most recent additions to my Instant Pot accessory line up. These stackable pressure cooker pans work great with 6qt and 8qt electric pressure Two tier stackable stainless-steel insert pans allows you to cook a variety of foods simultaneously. An excellent choice for Pot in Pot meals as well for steaming vegetables, rice, meat, and fish.

    19. Instant Pot Air Fry Lid can be purchased separately as an accessory and used with your 6 quart Instant pot OR the Instant Pot Duo Crip + Air Fry can be purchased all together. The Instant Pot brand air fry lid had not come out when I purchased the Mealthy Crisplid, but they essentially work the same in air frying, crisping, and browning all in the Instant Pot. My preference is still for the Mealthy for two reasons. One I can see in through the lid while I am air frying and two it fits both 6 and 8 quart Instant Pots.

    20. Silicone Sling The trivet that comes with your Instant Pot will definitely do the trick, but having this sturdy sling with silicone handles makes lifting hot food out of the Instant Pot so easy. No more reaching for the handles of the metal trivet and trying not to drop your dish, and no pot holders needed. It can also be used as a trivet on the countertop for hot dishes.

    21.  Instant Pot Recipe Printable/Organizer I created this easy to use PDF that can be customized, filled in with your recipes and used in a recipe binder to organize all your favorite Instant Pot recipes. Keep track of pressure cook times and recipes all in one convenient place.

    The Last Thing You Need to Know about Instant Pot Accessories.

    The most important thing to remember when your getting started with your Instant Pot accessories is start small. Don’t over complicate it. Invest in a few essential accessories you think you will use the most. I have accumulated my accessories over a few years time. The more comfortable you get with Instant Pot cooking the more you will want to venture into trying recipes that call for an accessory. Have fun and enjoy.

    Leave me a comment and let me know what your favorite Instant Pot accessory is.

    -Happy Cooking